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Horses love Dot's
As a retailer, this is a fabulous product that you'll be proud to have on your shelves.
Julie Caldwell, owner Humboldt Herbals

Testimonies - What folks are saying about Dot's

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"Dot's Wonder Pet Products are by far our most popular herbal supplements for animals that we carry at Humboldt Herbals. We easily sell well over 100 pounds each year at our small herbal apothecary. Many customers return again and again because they're delighted with the beneficial results they see in their pet's health. We constantly receive feedback about dramatic increases in energy, mobility and overall vitality. Animals love the taste of the blends, and they're very economically priced. As a retailer, this is a fabulous product that you'll be proud to have on your shelves. You'll create many return customers, and the very reasonable wholesale pricing means that your business will receive a healthy profit margin while providing outstanding value to your customers. Your business and the animals that you serve will be thrilled that you found Dot's!"

Julie Caldwell, owner Humboldt Herbals

"Being a long time 'Animal Mom,' I appreciate the quality of Dot's products, and that they are produced naturally and locally. I consider this 'feeding from the source.' Having them available in a veggie form also made it possible to feed my horse the supplements in addition to my cats and dogs. It's good to be able to buy in bulk and get exactly the amount I need at any given time. Less packaging to reduce and great for the planet! Thanks Dot."

Linda S. Wahlund, Reiki Master, Animal Communicator www.creaturespeak.com

Dogs love Dot's

"We sell pounds and pounds of Dot's Wonder Products at Humboldt Herbals - can't keep'em on the self for the agility folks. We recommend them for skin disorders, arthritis, cancers, fatty tumors, general vitality and immunity. I have heard hundreds of testimonials from customers experience huge difference and improvements especially with joint related degenerative diseases. My own dog of 14 years takes the arthritis blend twice daily and won't eat food without it. It has kept her arthritic condition on the back burner and her waiting for beach walks every evening We love the Dot's Wonder Products sprinkles!"

Lauren Brindock (and Sequoia), Herbalist, Humboldt Herbals

"My dog loves the Vitality so much he sits and waits for it on his food! I am grateful for how inexpensive it is and for how well it works."

Rebecca H., Humboldt Herbals customer

"My dog used to limp for 3 days after a walk and now limps maybe an hour."

Linda S., Humboldt Herbals customer

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