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Dot's only provides the best natural pet products we know how to make. We make every formula in small batches as if it were for our own pets.  We carry other natural, locally made pet products from other women that love their pets, too.

Puppy Power is for kitties and puppies providing natural source of calcium and vitamins for growing little ones.

Vitality is chock-full of natural food based antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and fiber that may be lacking in your pet's diet. Natural nutritional supplements boost energy and support healthy, immune system, digestion, coat and eyes. Dogs and cats love it.

Arthritis Away contains all the greatness of Vitality formula with extra natural supplements for mature and athletic pets. Great for preventing inflammation, arthritis, and problems from hip dysplasia. with generous amounts of glucosamine, MSM, collagen, and pine bark extract. 

Pet Power Plus is our most advanced formula with the best combination of Arthritis Away plus plant based, natural supplements to prevent cancer while providing the ultimate joint support we know how to make.

Our Happy Customers

Ariel (and Dash)

Hi I'm Ariel (pictured on the above right). In my older age, I started experiencing some mobility issues. It was getting hard for me to jump around like I used to. When we found little Dash, we noticed he had some hip problems as well. So we both began to take Dots supplements with dinner every night and it made a world of difference for us! Our bodies are healthier, we are happier, and our vet commends our mom on adding this product to our daily diet. We highly recommend it. It tastes good and it REALLY WORKS!!

Blanca Rose

When my Mommy finished college and we were finally reunited, she noticed the years had taken a toll on me. I was limping around, starting to look a little old, and my coat was worn and tattered. I was missing that vibrant spark that I had always had. Mom tried everything from missing link to walmart vitamins but nothing seemed to work, and once we moved to Trinidad, the cold weather only made my limp worse...Thankfully, Mom found Dots products. Within a week I already started feeling much better, my coat was soft and shiny again and I was back to my happy, energetic self again!! Thank you DOT!!!!


Hello, Im Dot. My mommy Jane is the founder of this company. Jane loved her German-Haired Pointer so much! I was an energetic, athletic dog without a care in the world. However, in my older age I started slowing down. Arthritis was taking a toll on my body, and my family was having trouble getting me the right mix of vitamins and minerals to keep me healthy. So Mom got to work on a natural formula that would nourish me properly, for a lower cost than store bought supplements. It did wonders and I spent my last years happy and active until the end. Now my legacy carries on. I hope these products help you as much as they helped me. Thanks Mom!